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What To Look For In A Water Heater Replacement Contractor

So it is time for you to get a new water heater. Whether you are in need of a water heater replacement because your last water heater failed or because you are looking for a nicer, more efficient water heater, it is important that you find a water heater replacement company that is proven and meets all of your needs as a homeowner.

At Only Water Heaters, we specialize in water heater repairs and replacement in the Columbus area. Because we understand the unique needs that each and every one of our clients have, we specially tailor each water heater replacement and water heater installation to meet the needs of each client. But not all water heater repair and replacement companies out there are like that.

Below, we have listed a few of the things that you should look for in a water heater replacement company so that you can avoid being overcharged, mistreated, and strung along the next time that you need water heater repairs or a water heater replacement in your Columbus home.


When you are looking for a contractor of any kind, the first sign that they value your business is how quickly they respond to your initial request for a quote or a consultation. If you are left wondering how long it will take them to respond, it is likely that you will be better off contacting a water heater specialist who will reach out to you within 24 hours of your initial contact.

At Only Water Heaters, we value all of our customers — being why we contact our customers as quickly as possible after they request a quote or a consultation. After all, we understand how unpleasant it is to not have access to hot water.



When you are looking for a water heater replacement specialist, it is incredibly important that you find one who will present you with multiple different new water heater options — not just the most expensive one. Water heaters are a costly home appliance, and different homeowners will have different factors that influence how much they can afford to spend.

At Only Water Heaters, we work with each of our clients to find a water heater that is both in their price range and meets the functionality that they require. We are never pushy with our water heater sales, and we are simply here to help you resolve any water heater issues that you might be having.


When it comes to any service-based industry, especially contracting, it is important that you find a company that is willing to tailor to your schedule. As a homeowner, you have a job, a family, and a million other things to worry about at any given time. Because of this, it is important that you find a water heater replacement or repair company that is willing to schedule a consultation and installation when it is convenient for you.

At Only Water Heaters, we work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekday — ensuring that at some point in your week there will be a convenient time for you to schedule a water heater repair, replacement, or installation.

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