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Troubleshooting Repairs for Your Electric Water Heater

As a homeowner, it is more than likely that one of your greatest fears is having an expensive home appliance break. The price tag for appliance repairs alone is enough to raise some concerns — but people seldom think of how the broken appliance will affect their daily lives.

At Only Water Heaters, the premier water heater repair company in Columbus, we understand how annoying and inconvenient broken appliances are — especially when your water heater is broken and you need to take a shower before work. Because of that, we thought that we might discuss a few common water heater repairs that you can troubleshoot if your electric water heater stops working. That said, if you can’t figure it out, a member of our team will be happy to help you fix or replace your water heater.

Continue reading to learn more about common issues with electric water heaters that you can troubleshoot yourself!

Before You do Anything: Before you even begin to think about troubleshooting your electric water heater issues we urge you to make sure the power is off. Most residential electric water heaters can carry as much as 240 volts — a large amount of electricity that could transfer to you and cause harm.

The Problem: There’s No Hot Water

Obviously, the one thing that can be considered an issue is when your electric water heater — an appliance with the sole purpose of heating water — isn’t producing hot water. That said, just because your electric water heater has stopped heating the water in its tank does not mean that it is broken. Instead, it might be tripped or it might have failed heating elements that simply need to be repaired or replaced.

How To Troubleshoot The Issue:

  1. First, switch the circuit breaker switch responsible for sending power to your water heater on and off. If the water heater does not immediately kick back into heating mode, turn the breaker off again before inspecting it further.
  2. Once the breaker is off, open the access panel on the back of your water heater. Most electric water heaters have an access panel close to the top of the collection drum.
  3. Remove any insulation in the access panel without disturbing the wiring inside.
  4. Press the high-temperature cut off reset button. This button is usually located directly above the unit’s thermostat.
  5. Replace the insulation and panel before turning the unit back on at the circuit breaker.

After completing the above steps, your electric water heater will either start working again or it will require further troubleshooting from a water heater repair professional.


For Water Heater Troubleshooting, Contact the Pros!

If your electric water heater stops working or is not working as well as it usually does, we urge you to contact our team of water heater repair professionals. A member of our team will come to visit your home, diagnose the issue, and recommend a solution. In most cases, water heater repair is the best outcome. That said, if the water heater is beyond repair, a replacement might be recommended. We look forward to helping you troubleshoot your issues and get your hot water back as soon as possible.

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