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Tank Water Heaters Vs. Tankless Water Heaters: What’s the Difference?

As Columbus water heater specialists, here at Only Water Heaters, we are always answering homeowner and business owner questions about what water heater they should get next. For some, they simply want to make an upgrade from the water heater that they currently have. For others, however, they are looking to replace a water heater that has recently died and become irreparable.

When you have questions about water heater installation, water heater repair, or water heater replacement, we urge you to get in touch with a member of our team, as we are always happy to help. That being said, in today’s blog post we are going to discuss one of the most common questions that members of our team get asked:

“What is the difference between traditional gas and electric water heaters and tankless water heaters?”

Getting To Know Your Future Water Heater

So, you need a new water heater — we’ve already covered that. But when you go to Home Depot or Lowes to look for a new one, you are constantly berated by the sales team on the floor as they push you to buy the one that costs the most, not the one that best meets your unique needs.

Below, we will briefly discuss the difference between traditional gas and electric water heaters and tankless water heaters in the hope that it helps you better understand how each one might best benefit your Columbus home or business.

Traditional Electric & Gas Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters hold water in a storage tank and warm the water as it is needed. In fact, traditional electric and gas water heaters are some of the most common water heaters that you will find across Columbus today.

Traditional water heaters use a storage tank to hold the water that they heat. Electric water heaters work from the inside out, using rods that are submerged in the water storage tank to warm the water. Gas water heaters use convection to move hot water upwards in the tank towards the point where it is drawn from. Electric water heaters are more efficient than gas water heaters but are more expensive to operate. Gas water heaters are more expensive upfront but are cheaper to operate.

Essentially, neither water heater is perfect. So it is important to weigh whether initial costs or long term costs are a priority for you.


Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in Columbus businesses and homes. Why? Well, they are more compact and take up less space — all while using up to 50% less energy than traditional tank water heaters. Rather than continuously heating a reservoir of water like traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters only heat the water when it is being drawn to the tap. While tankless water heaters are very efficient, they sometimes have issues heating very large volumes of water.

What Kind Of Water Heater Is Right For You?

When it comes to finding a water heater that is perfect for your home or business, it really comes down to what style or water heater meets your unique needs. Do you run a commercial laundry operation? If so, a tankless heater might not be for you. Do you own a two-bedroom condo? Maybe you should save some space and kick the traditional water heater to the curb.

When it is time for you to find a new water heater, be sure to contact our team of water heater installation experts. We would love to help!

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